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The Mighty Vine Difference

Our vines have to be strong as they twist and climb their way to the roof of our greenhouses located outside Chicago in Rochelle, Illinois. Grown under pristine conditions with maximum sustainability, our tomatoes are picked fresh and sent to the market in hours, not weeks. In other words, they are picked, packed, and shipped the same day. Because of this speed, we are able to grow varieties with the most delicious flavor, not ship-ability.


While our growers have decades of experience growing tomatoes, our next generation agriculture has great advantages over traditional methods of growing. Our hydroponic process includes drip irrigation, using only 10% of the water of field grown tomatoes and eliminating the runoff of fertilizers into surrounding waterways.

Pest Management

We use integrated pest management to control harmful bugs and use bumble bees to naturally pollinate our plants, creating a natural ecosystem. By lighting and heating the greenhouse in winter, we are able to bring our customers mid-summer tomatoes year-round. Our proximity to the market allows us to leave our tomatoes on the vine until fully ripened, assuring the best taste and nutrition in every tomato.