Crop Outlook: July

Crop Outlook: July

Tues, July 18th, 2023

Dear Ole Tyme Produce Customers,

A strong heat wave is expected over the next several weeks and will impact many growing regions across the state. While fields near the coast will be spared, for the most part, inland valley locations from Southern California to the Salinas Valley will see triple-digit temperatures with record highs possible across the region. Numerous crops will be impacted given the late start to plantings due to spring rains. Insect populations, fringe burn, internal burn, and seeders will be on the rise impacting yields and quality. Rapid growth at warm temperatures may cause a thinner texture and shorter shelf life for most lettuce and leaf items.

Another concern for growers is the young seedlings and transplants along with tender spring mix, spinach, and baby leaf item are susceptible to extended hot temperatures. Processed items will also show the effects of these temperatures with lesser texture and reduced shelf life and should be used as quickly as possible.

In the San Joaquin Valley triple digit temperatures 10-20 degrees above average will likely hinder growth rates while increasing sunburn and heat-related defects affecting upcoming yields and quality. Sizing issues and sunburn are common in stone fruit, tomato, and grape harvests following extreme temperatures. Bloom drops in tomato, squash, pepper, bean, and melon stands may affect supplies down the road. These extreme temperatures will also likely curtail harvesting hours in the various regions as worker safety becomes a major concern.

Mid-range forecasts keep the strong high-pressure ridge over the region through July with warm humid overnight conditions, especially near the coast. We expect to see an increase in insect activity, internal burn seeders, and disease pressure in the upcoming stands as we move through July. An increase in production is expected in the near term due to hot temperatures. At this time, we will have to wait and see how the various regions and crops cope with these temperatures.

The bottom line is that most upcoming crops are likely to be affected to some degree (yields, quality, texture shelf life, etc.) by the heat. Heat-related defects will certainly be on the rise as growers do their best to combat the temperatures. Our teams are keeping a close eye on rotation as lesser quality and shelf life are expected over the next couple of weeks at a minimum.

All these factors will keep overall supplies on the lighter side as we move through July.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Sales Representative or our Live Customer Service team.

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