Berry Update

Berry Update

Wed, April 10th, 2024

Dear Ole Tyme Produce Customers:


  • Salinas /Watsonville: With the season just beginning to get underway we are seeing very limited supplies being offered in these areas. Growers are still dealing with rain and hail damage. Plants are healthy but recent cool weather is causing the fruit to mature more slowly than expected thereby affecting yields. We hope to see better availability possibly by the end of next week.
  • Santa Maria: The rain and cold weather is still affecting production in this area reducing yields as crews work more slowly eliminating fruit affected by water damage.
  • Oxnard: Although this area did not receive much rain last weekend growers are still fighting cold temperatures which are holding back production numbers.
  • Quality in all growing regions will show water damage to some extent after last week’s rain. We will see bruising , softer skin texture and some mildew issues. Shelf life will be limited.

Markets: We are currently in the $18.00 to $22.00 range.

  • We are currently still in a demand exceeds supply situation on strawberries. Most all shippers are reporting that they are sold out through the end of the week in all areas and are not accepting open-market orders.

BLUEBERRIES: Supplies are still coming in from CMex , Peru and minor numbers from Baja. Fruit has become slightly less available from offshore containers. Central Coast California has begun to scratch the surface of this year’s crop.

  • Florida and Georgia’s local crop are just getting underway.
  • Markets: We are seeing $22.00 to as high as $26.00 on the 12/6 oz pack and 32.00 to 38.00 on the 12/1 pints.

BLACKBERRIES: Supplies currently remain lean coming out of Mexico , however numbers should increase on the West Coast as we move into late April and early May. Warmer temperatures are needed to spur increased production in Central California.

  • Markets: We are currently seeing $18.00 to $22.00 on the 12/6 oz pack style.

RASPBERRIES: Availability remains very light for this item. Shippers are covering contract business as best they can while turning away open market orders. Like the blackberries ,we are waiting for the weather to warm up in California to help increase production. Georgia is expected to begin in a small way next week.

  • Markets: Are currently in the 36.00 to 38.00 range on the 12/6 oz pack style.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Sales Representative or our Customer Service team.

Thank you,

Ole Tyme Produce

“The produce purchased from Ole Tyme Produce is always fresh and expertly packaged. We—and our recipients—appreciate the high quality and variety of produce.”

Kristen Wild

Chief Executive Officer, Operation Food Search

“From the driver to the CEO they bend over backwards to meet your needs. One of the best vendors of any type we have. Highly recommend them.”

Scott Walker

President/CEO, LifeWiseSTL

“In these days of large corporations, it's nice to partner with a local family business. Their name says it all, Ole Tyme Produce, reminding you that their family grown business provides the kind of service you reminisce about from the past with quality grown and delivered products. Over 25 years we have come to count on their outstanding customer service, quality products, and their hospitality driven staff which has helped us grow our successful business. We appreciate their partnership, and we look forward to working together for many years to come.”

Gordon M

Owner/Operator, The Original Pancake House

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