Wed, Feb 7th, 2024

Dear Ole Tyme Produce Customers:

STRAWBERRIES: We are in an extreme demand exceeds supply situation in all loading districts as shippers try and satisfy the increased Valentine’s Day demand.

  • California has experienced multiple rain events over the last 8 days .We are currently in a demand exceeds supply situation. Shippers are asking that we move orders to Texas and Florida if at all possible to receive better fill rates to our orders. We expect fill rates and pushes to our orders through the end of the week in this area.
  • Baja has experienced the same rain that has affected California production.

Cmex has just celebrated Mexican Constitution Day. Border operation hours were reduced on both Sunday and Monday. This has caused fewer crossings entering the U.S. Many shippers were counting on this product to be transferred to both California and Florida to help fill orders. Since these transfers have been delayed it has put even more pressure on those areas for order fulfillment.

  • Florida is struggling through intermittent rain and cold temperatures. Numbers are expected to slowly increase in this area as more favorable weather is in the short-term forecasts.
  • Markets are in a demand exceeds supply situation for the Valentine’s day pull in the low to mid-twenties. Shippers are concentrating on previous commitments and contracts only. There is very little open market product available out of any location. We expect fill rates to apply out of all areas.

BLUEBERRIES: Steady supplies are still coming from Cmex and Chile. There are still very light numbers arriving in the U.S. from the tail end of the Peruvian growing season.

  • Markets are expected to soften in the mid to high teens for the 12/6oz pack style and in the low to mid-twenties for the 12/1 pints.
  • CMex product is expected to steadily increase over the next few weeks while Chile will remain steady.

BLACKBERRIES: The recent Mexican Holiday has caused transfer delays coming from both CMex and Baja . These delays are expected to be short term.

  • Markets are in the mid-teens to low twenties on the 12/6 oz pack.

RASPBERRIES: The recent Mexican Holiday has caused transfer delays coming from both CMex and Baja. These delays are expected to be short-term.

  • Markets are in the mid to high twenties on the 12/6 oz pack.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Sales Representative or our Customer Service team.

Thank you,

Ole Tyme Produce

“The produce purchased from Ole Tyme Produce is always fresh and expertly packaged. We—and our recipients—appreciate the high quality and variety of produce.”

Kristen Wild

Chief Executive Officer, Operation Food Search

“From the driver to the CEO they bend over backwards to meet your needs. One of the best vendors of any type we have. Highly recommend them.”

Scott Walker

President/CEO, LifeWiseSTL

“In these days of large corporations, it's nice to partner with a local family business. Their name says it all, Ole Tyme Produce, reminding you that their family grown business provides the kind of service you reminisce about from the past with quality grown and delivered products. Over 25 years we have come to count on their outstanding customer service, quality products, and their hospitality driven staff which has helped us grow our successful business. We appreciate their partnership, and we look forward to working together for many years to come.”

Gordon M

Owner/Operator, The Original Pancake House

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